Full-Service Interior Design

Residential Full-Service Interior Design:


Are you looking for the kitchen sink and then some? Our residential full-service interior design remodel provides everything from the initial design through to selecting the many pieces for the space (sort and hard treatments, decorative objet, etc.), engaging all necessary trades, placing and tracking orders, and managing the logistics of deliveries in addition to managing the agreed upon timeline, budget, and installation.

Residential Full-Service Interior Design:

New Build

Are you already working with a builder and architect? We collaborate with your already assembled construction team on everything from the initial design to selecting the items for the space, engaging any trades, placing orders, managing supply chain and delivery logistics as well as managing the agreed-upon timeline, budget, and installation deadline.

Design Refresh

Are you in a design rut but not sure how to proceed? Before you go ahead and donate everything you own to Goodwill or give all your furniture away to your family, friends and loved ones, consider our interior design refreshment service. Our interior refreshment service is the perfect solution for those with evolving tastes. A space can be reinvented with a few new statement pieces and layout rearrangement, which can bring your stale or stagnant decor back to life.


Hollis Loudon Interiors collaborates with retail outlets, brands, companies, and hospitality outlets to select materials, colors, and furnishings that align with the company's brand and aesthetic. Based upon your company’s mission, customer’s demographics/ psychographics and the service you provide, Hollis Loudon Interiors will work with you to select everything from the right lighting to evoke the right emotions to the furnishings and decorative objet to keep them coming back for more. Hollis Loudon Interiors is invested in creating a memorable one-of-a-kind experience for your employees, guests and/or clients and will oversee the process from conception to installation.


A La Carte Creations

Art & Antique Curation

Prior to starting her own eponymous design firm, Hollis Loudon Puig worked for one of the largest art-collectors in the world as a member of his personal art and design team and has fostered connections with various international as well as domestic auction houses including but not limited to Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips as well as lesser-known auction houses such as Dorotheum, ArtCurial and Bruun Rasmussen (amongst many, many others).  With her pulse on the art market, Hollis Loudon Puig has personal connections with various galleries and artists, providing access and uncovering the opaque and sometimes intimidating and exclusive art market. Furthermore, art & antique curation by Hollis Loudon Interiors provides the client with the industry expertise and insight on how to curate a collection that speaks to your personal aesthetic whilst still serving as an asset; please note art/antique placement, art crating/transport/insuring of art and custom framing can be added to this service a la carte.

Custom Curated Tablescape and Event Decor

Planning an event either in the comfort of your beautiful home or at a location of your choosing and lost as to where to start? A custom curated tablescape or custom event decor by Hollis Loudon Interiors begins with a one-on-one consultation with Hollis Loudon Puig to discuss your budget, timeline, number of guests and vision. An awe-inspiring custom tablescape that your guests will always remember includes: a personalized invitation or e-invite, custom place cards, all of the ‘fixings’ (chargers, cutlery, glassware, dishware), decorative accessories and objet, textiles/linens (tablecloths and napkins) as well as floral arrangement inspiration to bring to the florist of your choosing; please note that there is a set consultation fee for a tablescape and/or event decor (Christmas decorating and holiday decor, wedding and/or baby showers, birthday parties, etc.) and fees beyond said consultation vary based on the scope of the project. In addition, should the client wish to use their own ‘fixings’ Hollis Loudon Interiors will accommodate and charge accordingly.